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Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) was established in 1995 by nine leading development agencies and microfinance practitionares to suport the development of a suatainable microfinance sector. Today, CGAP serves a global resource center for microfinance, providing advisory services and information to a wide range of stakeholders.

Title of books/ fliers available from CGAP:-

  • Appraisal guide for microfinance Institutions (technical guide resource manual)
  • Banking through Networks of retail agents
  • Breaking down the walls between microfinance and the formal  financial system
  • CGAP portfolio issue 5
  • Foreign exchange risk mitigation techniques (structure and documentation)
  • Format for appraisal of Network support organizations (A  technical guide)
  • Good practice guidelines for funders of microfinance
  • Microfinance Consensus Guidelines (Developing deposit services  for the poor)
  • Microfinance Consensus Guidelines (Disclosure Guidelines for financial Reporting by Microfinance Institutions)
  • Microfinance Consensus Guidelines (Guiding Principles on Regulation and supervision of microfinance)
  • Occasional Paper: crafting a money transfer strategy
  • Regulating transformational branchless banking: Mobile phones     and other technology to increase access to finance.
  • CGAP key publications (CD)