Development Alternatives and Resource Center (DARC) has taken on the challenge to assist the private sector in meeting its goals and objectives in CSR by offering corporate leaders the ability not only to understand the delivery of effective CSR efforts, and what to do to achieve strong results, but importantly how to organize and effectively deliver specific actions that will deliver high level results.

DARC has the experience to assist corporate organizations in their various CSR programs with the following services:

  • Legal requirements and compliance

  • Branding (Telling the impact story)

  • CSR design and implementation

  • Strategic planning process

  • Governance and management

  • Institutional assessment and auditing

  • Metrics for performance

  • Organizational or operational structures

  • Measuring and managing social impact

  • Grantmaking policies and procedures

Non-profit Training Courses:

  • Project design and implementation

  • Fundraising

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Financial management & budgeting

  • Non-profit governance

  • Advocacy and communicating for impact

  • Strategic planning

  • Information technology in project management

  • Project Impact assessment

  • Internal and external financial controls

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Community mobilization

  • Proposal writing workshop

  • Diversification of funding base

  • Project cycle management

  • Developing a business plan

  • Process papping