DARC’s Library/Resource Center

DARC’s Resource Center is situated in a serene neighborhood in Maryland, Lagos.  It is stocked with rich and exciting research materials for all sectors, primarily the non-profit and microfinance sectors.




Title of the Books available from Foundation Center, NY

  • America’s Nonprofit Sector 2nd Edition
  • Foundation Fundamentals Eighth Edition
  • Foundation Giving Trends 2009 Edition
  • Foundation Grant To Individuals 17th Edition
  • Foundation Growth And Giving Estimates 2008 Edition
  • Foundation Year Book 2008 Edition
  • Foundations And Public Policy
  • Guide to Funding for International & Foreign Programs 9th Edition
  • Guide to Proposals Writing Fifth Edition
  • International Grant Making IV
  • National Directory of Corporate Giving 14th Edition
  • Philanthropy Annual 2007 Review
  • Philanthropy Annual 2008 Review
  • Securing Your Organization’s Future
  • Social Justice Grant Making
  • The best tools for challenging times (Spring 2009 Catalog)
  • The Board Member’s Book 3rd Edition
  • The Foundation Directory- 2009 Edition
  • The Foundation Directory Part 2 2009 Edition
  • The Foundation Directory Part 3
  • The Foundation Directory Supplement 2008 Edition
  • The Grant Seeker’s Guide to Winning Proposals



Title of the Books available from BOARD SOURCE

  • A BoardSource catalog – introducing the new governance series
  • A guide to building your board
  • A photocopy of Governance Series
  • A photocopy of resource BoardSource catalog
  • An Analysis of Community & others responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • Assessment of the Chief Executive – A tool for Governing Boards & Chief Executive of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Board Member – A Perfect Fit – The Art of Partnering
  • Board Member – The big squeeze
  • Board Member Special edition – The Nonprofit survival Guide (Finding your way in the economy
  • Capacity for Development
  • Dix Responsabilites in seris De-Regie
  • Governance Series  –  Legal Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
  • Governance series  –  The Nonprofit Board’s role in setting and advancing the mission
  • Governance series  – Financial Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
  • Governance series  – Fundraising Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
  • Governance series  – Structures & Practices of Nonprofit Boards
  • Governance Series – How to help your board govern more & manage less
  • Governance Series – Leadership roles in Nonprofit Governance
  • Governance series – The Nonprofit Board’s Role in Planning & Evaluation
  • Governance series 1-10 Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
  • Hiring the Chief Executive – A practical Guide to the search & selection process
  • Keeping Peace
  • Le Consell D’Administration
  • Leadership & Ethical Fitness  – Reading for leading with values
  • Managing Change – Lessons Learned from Nonprofit Leaders
  • Managing Conflicts of Interest – Practical Guideline for Nonprofit Board
  • Measuring Board Effectiveness – A tool for strengthening your Board
  • NCNB Governance Series 1.  – Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
  • NCNB Governance Series 10 Evaluation and the Nonprofit Board
  • NCNB Governance Series 2 – The Chief Executive’s role in developing the Nonprofit Board
  • NCNB Governance Series 3 – Creating strong Board Staff partnerships
  • NCNB Governance Series 4 – The Chairs role in leading the Nonprofit Board
  • NCNB Governance Series 5 – -How to help your Board govern more and manage less
  • NCNB Governance Series 6 – The Board’s role in Strategic Planning
  • NCNB Governance Series 8 – Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statement
  • NCNB Governance Series 9 –  Fundraising and the Nonprofit Board
  • Nonprofit Governance – Steering your Organization with Authority & Accountability
  • Presenting Board Orientation – An Introductory Presentation for Nonprofit Board Members
  • Presenting Fund – Raising the Board Member’s Role in Resource Development
  • Presenting Nonprofit Financials
  • Preventing Fraud – How to safeguard your Organization
  • Quick Reference – Providing specialized solutions for all Nonprofit Organizations
  • Self-Assessment for Association Boards (Questionnaire for Board Member
  • Self-Assessment for Foundation Boards (Questionnaire for Trustees)
  • Self-Assessment for Foundation Boards (User’s Guide & Questionnaire
  • Strategic Issues Series – The Nonprofit Board’s Role in establishing Financial Policies
  • Strategic Planning Workbook for nonprofit Organization
  • The Board building cycle
  • The Board Development Planner ( A calendar of nonprofit Board Initiatives)
  • The Board savvy  – CEO – How to build a strong, positive relationship with your Board
  • The Business Professional’s Guide to Nonprofit Board Service
  • The Nonprofit Board’s Guide to Bylaws  – Creating a frame work for effective Governance
  • To Go Forward Retreat (The Association Board Retreat Hand Book)
  • Transforming Board Structure – Strategies for Committee & Task Force





International Labour Organization (ILO)

Title of the Books available from International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • Making microfinance work; managing for improved performance



Consultative Group for the Poor (CGAP)

Title of books/ fliers available from CGAP

  • Appraisal guide for microfinance Institutions (technical guide resource manual)
  • Banking through Networks of retail agents
  • Breaking down the walls between microfinance and the formal financial system
  • CGAP portfolio issue 5
  • Foreign exchange risk mitigation techniques (structure and documentation)
  • Format for appraisal of Network support organizations (A technical guide)
  • Good practice guidelines for funders of microfinance
  • Microfinance Consensus Guidelines (Developing deposit services for the poor)
  • Microfinance Consensus Guidelines (Disclosure Guidelines for financial Reporting by Microfinance Institutions)
  • Microfinance Consensus Guidelines (Guiding Principles on Regulation and supervision of microfinance)
  • Occasional Paper: crafting a money transfer strategy
  • Regulating transformational branchless banking: Mobile phones and other technology to increase access to finance.



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NEWSLETTER      2009.pdf


A ‘must have’ for budding non-profits. The pack is rich with information every young non-profits.  Copies are available at DARC office.


DARC Workstations for rent

DARC also have two work stations available for long and short-term use. The work stations have all the facilities required to carry out any office task.


DARC’s Conference Hall/ Training Facility

DARC’s 50-Seater air conditioned hall is suitable for high level Board Meetings, Conferences, Business Meetings, Training workshops amongst others.


Price – affordable and negotiable.

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