Legacy Book Series

Artists of Nigeria is an anthology that provides an insightful overview of a vibrant context of modern and contemporary art in Africa. The book analyzes the different art systems and ideologies of over 110 different Nigerian artists, evident in the development of modern and contemporary art in Nigeria from the early 20th century to the early 21st century. Here the vibrant and often overlooked accomplishments of Nigerian Artists are given the attention they deserve by presenting a long overdue catalogue of extraordinary achievements of some of Nigeria’s most impressive and contemporary artists

Artists of Nigeria (Centenary Edition); The Nigerian Centenary Commission recognized Artists of Nigeria as a literary anthology that captures the landscape of Nigeria’s art-history effectively.  It describes the different indigenous art systems and responses to modernity that influenced the development of modern and contemporary Nigerian for over 100 years

Onobrakpeya: Masks of the flaming Arrows is a critical perspective of Prof. Onobrakpeya’s works by artists and scholars. Edited by Dele Jegede, the book is an important appreciation of this foremost Nigerian artist on the occasion of his 80th birthday.  The body of works presented in the book is made up of recent experiments and older works which are based on years of artistic practice and which touch every facet of life.

The National War Museum Umuahia (NWMU) is a major and unique component of the Nigerian Museum system, being the only museum dedicated to officially preserving the history and artifacts of the Nigeria civil war. The National War Museum Umuahia book therefore, is the plug to gaping hole and present this unique museum to the wider global public as a major institution in Nigeria and serves as a reference material and an important book detailing a critical part of Nigeria’s history.